How does my brain work?
Brain Profiling for Couples

All humans are programmed with a Genetic Brain Profile (GBP) that develops from conception

It explains how you are genetically programmed to

·         Interact with your environment

·         Interpret information

·         Think and make decisions

·         Interact with people

Ultimately, we want to establish your strengths and sensitivities to enable you to use them in your choice making, your relationships and everyday life.






Yoga 4 Kids

Mindfulness training through fun activities. This helps kids to develop body awareness, improve concentration, develop a positive self-esteem and assist with dealing with stress and frustration.

Kids ages 4 years and older can join these classes. Home visits offered. Ask about this in our inquiry form.





Creative Art Journalling

Various techniques and materials are used to create an art journal. This aids expression of feelings and emotions often too difficult to verbalise or that may have been dormant. Creative Art Journalling is more process-oriented, focussing on the experience rather than the end-product.





Psychiatric FCES

Our stressors and complex behaviours are commonly elicited in the workplace and its challenges we face. When we are unable to meet the demands of a fast-paced work life often paired with a psychiatric condition, we use this functional capacity evaluation to look at skills affected and needing improvement in the workplace. Reasonable accommodations can be derived from this assessment as well as possible vocational support needed when returning to work.






Relaxation Therapy

Despite the misconceptions about relaxation out there, we aim to improve your ability to relax by means of mindfulness techniques, meditation and sensory activities. Mindfulness has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels and has been widely used in the treatment of depression and even chronic pain.





Life Skills
Life Skills Training

Anything from self-care skills, study methods, making friends,  to more complex skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, life skills training will equip you with skills to face any challenges life throws at you.


It improves your resilience and ability to function most optimally!





Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Addressing the critical issues experienced in life and offering support from peers.









Coming Soon: Geriatrics

Nothing is more special than a smile on a face that has conquered both the sunshine and stormy days life holds. Support and leisure groups are offered to provide meaning to our elderly population as they enter the retirement phase of life. No matter how old, they are still active contributors to society.





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