Hendrik 400


This sporty gent working in the corporate sector enjoys playing golf, cycling, exercising and spontaneous “get-togethers”. He is the ideal team mate for a games night and anything to do with FUN!


Dewald 400


With a hamburger named after him, he has a hearty appetite and loves peppermint crisp tart.

Tiaan 400


This hardworking family man enjoys trail hiking, mountain biking and a good old-fashioned braai.


Wayne 400


Our own Bear Grylls! Wayne enjoys the outdoors and running the Comrades.

John 400


A well-established engineer and active member of his community who has a lot of wisdom and life experience to share. He enjoys good music and has a wicked sense of humor.


Julian 400


Julian=IT! He is a genius, ranging anything from IT, comic books and possess an exceptional taste in holiday destinations.

Jacques 400


Jacques is a gentle giant with funny jokes who enjoys staying active. He also adores his dogs.